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In 1965, Bulo international group Co.,LTD. Was established in Hong Kong. For 40 years, it has become the most scoring influential delectrical switches, accessories and electric products, hardware, household lighting engineering and etc series products manufacturers in Asia. Having several important patents, in electrical industry enjoyed a good reputation.

 In 2002, the Bulo international group came to China, a Bulo electrical products in China for the investment projects, and in its domestic joint venture tp provide technical support, wenzhou longwan WanYu Co.,Ltd. Is Chinas agent in China to responsible Bulo appliances production and sales.

 In 2006, the Bulo international group Co.,Ltd successful merger wenzhou longwan WanYu Co.,Ltd and renamed as zhejiang Bulo electric Co.,Ltd, realize the enterprise production, design, marketing and promotion of unity, so that enterprises more competitive..

 In the same year, Bulo start the Guzhen Bulo center in Guangzhou Zhongshan.

 As a joint venture, zhejiang Bulo electric Co.,Ltd. is dedicated to the design, research, development and manufacture of electrical products. Our main products include wall switches and sockets, floor sockets, extension sockets, circuit breakers, trippers, modular sockets, bakelite electric appliances, electric appliances for hotels and energy saving lamps. With unique appearance, good raw materials and strict quality control, we are making the products in excellent performance. We have passed the eva luation of ISO9001 certification, CE and China Compulsory Certification.

 On the basis of excellent talents, modern equipment, advanced management and outstanding R&D ability, new products are coming out continuously. We are making innovation all the time. All what we do is to make this society better and make people safer and happier in life